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Yisrael Sheli, My Israel By: Ellen Kahan Zager

 ekz_0.jpegUsing twenty-four inch square foam core puzzle pieces and their creative juices, Jewish students from across the Baltimore landscape explored their Zionism by participating in the Center for Jewish Education’s Yisrael Sheli, My Israel, A Collaborative Puzzle Art Project & Installation, the brainchild of Amalia Phillips, CJE’s Director of Israel & Overseas Education.
On April 26th, 2015 about 150 Baltimore students gathered to celebrate Israel’s 67th birthday, joyously sing Hatikvah, enjoying Israeli treats and creating their own unique puzzle pieces that reflect how they feel and what they know about Israel.

Memories from Israel


A blog post by Amalia Phillips, Director of Israel and Overseas Education

The news from Israel bring back memories like a kaleidoscope; a medley of sweet and bitter images, sounds and smells that are forever etched in my brain. I was born during the Sinai war and lived (through several wars) in Ramat-Gan, a lazy town just north of Tel Aviv, deep in the heart of Israel's 'central' coastal region. 

Partnership with Israel

A blog post by Ariela Lerman, Israel Education Coordinator.

Waiting for Winter

A blog post by Ariela Lerman, Israel Education Coordinator

Lerman.jpgI miss winter.  I know that is has been a mild winter and most people in Baltimore are enjoying the weather, but I grew up in Minnesota.  I need snow in the winter and flurrying and melting on the ground does not constitute snow in my books.  Especially since this is my last winter in a colder climate I would really like a decent amount of snow.  I’m hoping that we will at least get enough snow in the next month or two to make it seem like winter, and if it’s cold outside there should really be snow.

Going Home Again

A blog post by Dana Cohn, Administrative Assistant.

On to 2012


A blog post by Dana Cohn, Administrative Assistant.

cohn.jpgLast Hanukkah I experienced my own Hanukkah miracle. After spending a year in Israel followed by six months of job hunting, I was slowly losing hope of finding a job. There are only so many cover letters to write and interviews to go on before feeling like your future revolves around babysitting. Who knew I would spend four years (and thousands of dollars) in college to end up without a job?

Educate to Advocate

A blog post by Ariela Lerman, Israel Education Coordinator. 

Lerman.jpgIt is almost 2012 and that means that it is also almost time for the Republican primary.  I am not big in to politics and I would not consider myself a Republican but I do watch the debates and what is said about the candidates on the news.  What I find most interesting about political debates and running for president is that no matter what else is going on in the U.S. there is always something about Israel.  All of the candidates want to make sure that their policies are clear and that the public knows where they stand on Israel. 

Taking Some Time

A blog post by Leora Pushett, Director of Educational Resources.


Odessa Lev Avot

A blog post by Amian Frost Kelemer, Associate Executive Vice President.

kelemer.jpgOdessa is Baltimore’s sister city in Ukraine. The two JCCs; Migdal and Beit Grand, are pulsing with life. Mothers in high boots and fur jackets come in at 7 PM to pick up their children from day care. Young adults are serious in their focus as they try to best their buddies in Jewish jeopardy. Teens are circling across the dance floor led by a red-bearded, kippah-wearing  Israeli dance instructor. Odessa is home to  a Chabad shul, Litvish synagogue and a Reform Temple/community. There are Jewish schools and foster care centers and even two kosher restaurants.

What it Really Means to Live in Ashkelon

A blog post by Ariela Lerman, Israel Education Coordinator. 

Lerman.jpgThis past week ten educators from nine schools in Baltimore spent time in Ashkelon working with their partner schools.  Every year Gesher Chai provides a teacher exchange so that educators can learn from each other and build exciting new programs.  We have an excellent group of teachers and administrators involved in the project this year.


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