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Two Names, Two Identities

A blog post by Larry Ziffer, Executive Vice President.

Ziffer.jpgIn this week's parasha, Vayishlach (Bereiisheet/Genesis 32:25-30), the Torah describes a rather strange incident that led to a significant change in our forefather's name from Yaakov/Jacob to Yisrael/Israel.

Climbing Jacob's Ladder

A blog post by Larry Ziffer,  Executive Vice President.

STAFF%20-%20Lawrence%20Ziffer.jpgIn this week's parasha, Vayeitzei, we read that Yaakov/Jacob departed from Be'er Sheva and went to Charan. This departure was initiated as a result of his mother and father instructing Yaakov to go to his uncle Lavan's home in order to avoid the anger and potential retribution of his brother, Esav/Esau. (Esav had threatened to kill Yaakov for taking the birthright and blessing of the firstborn from him, as described in the previous parasha.)

A Matter of Life and Death...and Life!

A blog post by Larry Ziffer,  Executive Vice President

STAFF%20-%20Lawrence%20Ziffer.jpgThere is a tradition that the name of the weekly parasha identifies the theme of that parasha. Now, most people think of the parasha name simply as being one or two words from the first verses in the weekly portion, but this tradition encourages us to determine how that word or combination of words reflect the overarching theme and lesson that can be learned from the parasha as a whole.

Alacritous Judaism

A blog post by Larry Ziffer, Executive Vice President.  

STAFF%20-%20Lawrence%20Ziffer.jpgAlacrity: promptness in response; cheerful readiness, as in "accepted the invitation with alacrity"

Alacritous adjective

There is an interesting contrast in this week's parasha, Vayeira, between two very different human responses. The difference points to an essential element of Judaism that deserves more attention.

Get Off the Ark!

A blog post by Larry Ziffer, Executive Vice President.  


You Gotta Have "Heart"

A blog post by Larry Ziffer, Executive Vice President.


This has been a season chock full of beginnings and endings.

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