A Note from CJE's Intern: Blake Rehfield

IMG_0508.jpgHello, my name is Blake Rehfield and I am an intern with the Center for Jewish Education. I am a senior in High School at Jemicy School. At Jemicy, all of the seniors must complete a two-week internship with a company or organization that piques their interest. An organization that piqued my interest was the CJE, since I am interested in Jewish outreach/education.

Given that the CJE specializes in the field of Jewish outreach and education, and given that I am very friendly with the employees of the organization, many of whom I know from the Jewish community, the CJE is like a second home to me. The CJE is workplace where tasks are accomplished. But, it is not just any workplace. The CJE employees are a chavurah (group) of Jews from diverse backgrounds who have come together to play an equal part in educating our city’s diverse Jewish community.

Without an organization such as the CJE, Baltimore’s Jewish day schools, synagogues, and Jewish Community Centers would not be the same as we know them now. Out of all the companies and organizations that exist within this large city, there are definitely not many that inspire me as much as the Center for Jewish Education does. This internship has already proven to be quite a learning experience, and more exciting than I first imagined it would be. Tasks I have been working on include creating a Powerpoint for the CJE’s Hebrew School, Gesher LaTorah, which caters to Jewish students with special needs, as well as compiling a list of educators from local Jewish day schools. I have also helped to install the My Israel Puzzle Project at the Jewish Museum of Maryland and will also begin working on B’more Accessible, a new initiative to create awareness about making the Baltimore Jewish community more accessible to people with disabilities. Who knew that Baltimore would be blessed to have such a large Jewish community with individuals so dedicated to helping it expand?

CJE is an agency funded by THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. www.associated.org