Showing Appreciation by Meyer Greenberger

meyer.jpgThere is something that we do which is not always appreciating all that is given to us and wanting more.  I think wanting more than what Hashem is giving us is a very bad middah (character trait).  When we can’t get what we want, we try to get it anyway, even if that might be impossible. If we don’t get it we get very upset.  Hashem tells us if you get upset about this one thing then you’re liable to be frustrated and thus influenced by people.

We have to appreciate what we have, and what we have is what Hashem gave us, and what He gave us is exactly what we need.  Not always do we have to get what another person has even though we want it.

Appreciation is a very good middah. What we need to have more of is Emunah and Bitachon (faith in G-d) We need to appreciate other people because you don’t know how people go out of their way to give you a good day and make you happy.

Telling people, “I appreciate what you do for me”, can go a long way. We can’t imagine how far a good word can go.  If we don’t say “thank you” or show appreciation, people will have a hard time doing things for us because they see we are not appreciative of what they do.

We are in this world because Hashem wants to see how good we can be, how we appreciate, and how we have Emunah and Bitachon in Him.

The way the Jewish people accept the Torah and everything in it,  is the same way we have to accept other people, even thought everyone is different, but yet the same.

It’s very hard to do the things we need to do and very easy to do the things we shouldn’t do.  Let’s turn it around and make the hard things easier to do.  We can make it easier by improving ourselves. By helping each other we learn to appreciate one another, even if we might not understand them.

We don’t always understand everyone at first because people are different.  There are many people who have a difficult time communicating or who cannot communicate easily.  But, even though they cannot communicate easily, they always have something to say.  The people who are able to communicate easily have to appreciate that we have a voice that we can use and we have to use it in appropriate ways, because that is what Hashem gave us our voices for; to help other people and to appreciate other people in every way we can.  We have to show Hashem that we appreciate Him and what we have.

Having Emunah is something that everyone needs to have.  The more Emunah we have and the more Bitachon we have, the more appreciation we will have in everything we do and everything other people do for us in our lives.

I appreciate my family and all that I have.  I have a wonderful mother.  I appreciate the people in my life for everything they do for me.

Thank you for the people who help me and the people that are there for me every day even when I go through hard times.

Not everyone is able to communicate.  Sometimes it takes a long time for people to get out what they want to say.  We have to be patient and appreciate that we can do things that they cannot. We have to help people. I appreciate the way I am and I can help people in any way I can.  This is the way I am, this is the way I was meant to be.

People have to recognize that the more we do the hard things, the easier they become.  If you train your mind that the hard things are not so hard, they become easier. They become easier and you will be happier that you accomplished something which was hard for you.

I have a wonderful life, Baruch Hashem (thank G-d).  Even with all that I go through, even with all my pains, my life is wonderful and very easy.  When I do work on my computer it’s hard for me, but if I didn’t do it I would not have gotten this far in my life and in my business.

Baruch Hashem I have Emunah and Bitachon.  Even though sometimes I get very down and things bother me, I still appreciate my life the way it is.  All my pains might bother me but they are here because it has to be here.  This is the way Hashem made me and this is my very big test.  The more I think about it, the more I appreciate what I have.

One day, when we will all have more Emunah and Bitochon, we will be zoiche to be united as a one people and I will be out of my wheelchair, running all over the place.

Every time we daven (pray) we have to appreciate that we can daven and what we are saying in the davening because it means a lot.  If you only take a minute during your davening to concentrate on the meaning of what you are saying, you see you have nothing to worry about. Davening, learning Torah, and helping people doesn’t just help other people, but helps yourself.  It helps you appreciate life and what you have and gives you more Emunah and Bitachon in Hashem.

May we all show our appreciation to the One who gives us everything we have and utilize our gifts that He gave us the right way, to serve Him.


About the Author:

I am 42 years old. I grew up in Williamsburg, NY‎ and I am a wheelchair user.  I like writing and I have my own business. The way I write is I tell people what I want to write and they type it and then I go over what I said and make it the way I want it.
I think writing is very important. ‎It brings out how you feel‎.
‎I welcome your responses.

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