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Memories from Israel


A blog post by Amalia Phillips, Director of Israel and Overseas Education

The news from Israel bring back memories like a kaleidoscope; a medley of sweet and bitter images, sounds and smells that are forever etched in my brain. I was born during the Sinai war and lived (through several wars) in Ramat-Gan, a lazy town just north of Tel Aviv, deep in the heart of Israel's 'central' coastal region. 

Things Are Looking Up

rachel-t-new-web.jpgA blog post by Rachel Turniansky, Coordinator of Special Needs Programming and Principal of Gesher Latorah.


Over the last couple of weeks in the world of social media I’ve been seeing numerous mentions about this new invention. It’s called the Upsee and it’s a harness that when attached to a child with mobility disabilities and connected to a strap around an adult, enables the child to “walk.” I saw it in my Facebook News Feed, retweets from friends as well as mentioned on blogs. I have to admit I wasn’t as thrilled with the idea of this item as everyone else. 

His Mother Had Him Tested

medium_rachel-t-new-web.jpgA blog post by Rachel Turniansky, Coordinator of Special Needs Programming.

New Grants

zelinger.jpgA blog post by Yael Zelinger, Coordinator for JADE: Jewish Advocates for Deaf Education.

Imagine that you were one day air-lifted from your home and dropped in Spain with instructions to move along with your life. You may be very intelligent, articulate, creative, athletic, musical, or funny but unless you already speak a fluent Spanish, it would be very challenging to participate in Spanish life meaningfully because of the communication barrier.

And They Ask for More

yael.jpgA blog post by Yael Zelinger, Coordinator, JADE.

As I look around during the Jewish Deafblind Shabbaton I am overwhelmed by what I hear and see. Seventeen Jewish people who have both vision and hearing loss have come together for an accessible Shabbat experience.

What's Autism Got To Do With It?

rachel-t-new-web.jpgA blog post by Rachel Turniansky, Coordinator of Special Education Services; Principal of Gesher LaTorah and TAG 

In the aftermath of horrible tragedy people scramble to make sense – any kind of sense of something senseless. It’s human nature. But in the process of that scramble one thing stood out to me. The media is reporting that the perpetrator of this horrific incident may have had Asperger’s Syndrome.

Bringing the Light to Baltimore

A blog post by Leora Pushett, Director, Israel Education and Overseas.

There is no greater way to help students and community members connect to Israel than giving them first-person experiences.  Of course, the best way to achieve this is that everyone takes a trip to Israel.

Meet the Shinshinim!

pushett.jpgA blog post by Leora Pushett, Director of Israel Education and Overseas.

We have two new staff members at CJE.  A few weeks ago, our newest pair of Shinshinim (Shnat Sherut –Year of Service) arrived in Baltimore.

Everyone Included

zelinger.jpgA blog post by Yael Zelinger, Coordinator, JADE.

Last I left off,  I was pondering the inconsistencies between my values and my children’s actions. It’s embarrassing when a child behaves contrary to ideals you espouse. Avigayil, my seven year old toothless little “Madeline” had a child with Downs Syndrome in her class this past year. After several attempts at encouraging Avigayil to play with this girl, I took a different tactic.

The good news is I have some progress to report.

Remember that I told I would borrow books about special needs from the library? 

Dealing with Temper Tantrums

jensen.jpgIf you've ever watched and wondered while your child was having a tantrum, this blog post by DJ Schneider-Jensen, our Director of  Early Childhood Services, may offer some insight. 


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