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Calling All Nachshons!

A blog post by Neely Snyder, Director of Teen Engagement.

Increasing Happiness


A blog post by Rachel Turniansky, Coordinator of Special Education Services and Principal of Gesher LaTorah.

turniansky.jpgWith the Hebrew month of Adar approaching, we are told MiShenichnas Adar Marbim BeSimcha – when Adar comes in, joy is increased!  The joy of Adar stems mostly from the holiday of Purim, which falls in the month of Adar. We celebrate that the Jewish people were saved from Haman’s wicked plan to destroy us.

Waiting for Winter

A blog post by Ariela Lerman, Israel Education Coordinator

Lerman.jpgI miss winter.  I know that is has been a mild winter and most people in Baltimore are enjoying the weather, but I grew up in Minnesota.  I need snow in the winter and flurrying and melting on the ground does not constitute snow in my books.  Especially since this is my last winter in a colder climate I would really like a decent amount of snow.  I’m hoping that we will at least get enough snow in the next month or two to make it seem like winter, and if it’s cold outside there should really be snow.

It's a World of Laughter

A blog post by Rebecca Levitan, Librarian and Social Media Coordinator.

STAFF%20-%20Rebecca%20Levitan.jpgThere is a ubiquitous song in our consciousness that reminds us just how big this world is. I am often reminded of this song when playing "Jewish Geography" with new people (oh, you're from X-place? Do you know person Y and Z?). What really amazes me now, is that with all the technology and social networking that is available to us, the world has gotten even smaller.

What's in a Glass?

A blog post by Ruthy Wolman, Day School Liaison.

Wolman.jpgWhat's in a glass? Half empty or half full, it's still just a glass.

While fascinating in origin and construction (sand, torched and blown), what's there to contemplate about glass?! So I thought-- until I started craving my mother's flaky dough apple turnovers.

And the Oscar Goes To.....

A blog post by Martha Goodman, Coordinator of MD SNAP.

This week the Academy Award nominations were announced.  One of this year’s nominees for Best Film is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which is set two years after 9/11 and is narrated by Oscar (a hopeful foreshadowing perhaps?), a sensitive boy who lost his father in the tragedy, and also happens to have a form of autism.  I’d like to take this opportunity to nominate these fascinating flicks:

Going Home Again

A blog post by Dana Cohn, Administrative Assistant.

The 'R' Word

A blog post by Yael Zelinger, Professional Development Associate and Coordinator, JADE.

zelinger.jpgI knew what the word “retarded” meant before most adults did.  Because my father ran a school for what were then called “retarded” children, he taught me how to describe the concept to my friends who would ask about his job. I learned to explain that a typical person could touch a hot stove and quickly pull his hand away, however, when a “retarded” person touches a hot stove, he would not pull his hand away quickly enough because his brain works more slowly.

Al Titosh Torat Imecha – Do not abandon your mother’s Torah

A blog post by Leora Pushett, Director of Educational Resources.
Blogging from Israel on Jan 25, 2012

Family Life Unplugged

A blog post by Lara Nicolson, Family Engagement Program Associate.


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