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Education with the Educators

A blog post by Autumn Sadovnik, Director of Professional Development. 

STAFF%20-%20Autumn%20Sadovnik.jpgCongregational educators (Hebrew School Teachers, to the layman) are not in the business for the money or the glory. They do it for the love of Jewish education. Some are career professionals in education during the rest of the week. Others are accountants, attorneys, artists, dentists, or stay-at-home moms. They take time out of their busy lives to contribute to their communities and engage young Jews.

Where do you find the light?

A blog post by Lara Nicolson, Family Engagement Program Associate.

nicolson.jpgOur family is on countdown to Chanukah. The living areas are pasted with our collection of cherished preschool-made and glittery store-bought decorations. My kids are excited for the parties, latkes and of course gifts. I am waiting to see their bright faces as we light the menorah at home and proudly share their traditions with their multi-cultural school friends at holiday parties.

Lara's Family

Beyond the Pink Convertible…

A blog post by Martha Goodman, Coordinator of MD SNAP.

goodman.jpgWhat’s Barbie got that we haven’t got? 

The Million Dollar Mind Game poses the following question: The average American has between 5 and 15 in a lifetime. Barbie has had 108.  What are they?

Being Kids

A blog post by DJ Schneider Jensen, Director of Early Childhood Education

jensen.jpgI love when articles like this one come across my desk.  In the never ending battle for allowing children to be children, we hear stories daily about someone's three year old who just read "War and Peace", only to hear the one-up story of the four year old who reviewed it on his blog.  It's wonderful to read articles and op-eds from real parents who understand that raising children means allowing them to be comfortable in every age and stage of their young little lives.

Two Names, Two Identities

A blog post by Larry Ziffer, Executive Vice President.

Ziffer.jpgIn this week's parasha, Vayishlach (Bereiisheet/Genesis 32:25-30), the Torah describes a rather strange incident that led to a significant change in our forefather's name from Yaakov/Jacob to Yisrael/Israel.

Odessa Lev Avot

A blog post by Amian Frost Kelemer, Associate Executive Vice President.

kelemer.jpgOdessa is Baltimore’s sister city in Ukraine. The two JCCs; Migdal and Beit Grand, are pulsing with life. Mothers in high boots and fur jackets come in at 7 PM to pick up their children from day care. Young adults are serious in their focus as they try to best their buddies in Jewish jeopardy. Teens are circling across the dance floor led by a red-bearded, kippah-wearing  Israeli dance instructor. Odessa is home to  a Chabad shul, Litvish synagogue and a Reform Temple/community. There are Jewish schools and foster care centers and even two kosher restaurants.


A blog post by Yael Zelinger, Professional Development Associate and Coordinator, JADE.

zelinger.jpg“Attention! Can everybody please listen up for a moment? We are going to move to the next workshop now in Room #100. Please meet us there in 2 minutes!”

Announcements like these abound at a shabaton. When I joined the Deaf community as a teenager through Deaf friends I met in camp, I quickly learned that everything has to be VISIBLE! You cannot rely on verbal communication to get people’s attention, share information, or conduct a typical conversation. I learned to wave my hands to get people’s attention, to make sure my face wasn’t blocked by hair or hands and to use sign language to communicate.

Climbing Jacob's Ladder

A blog post by Larry Ziffer,  Executive Vice President.

STAFF%20-%20Lawrence%20Ziffer.jpgIn this week's parasha, Vayeitzei, we read that Yaakov/Jacob departed from Be'er Sheva and went to Charan. This departure was initiated as a result of his mother and father instructing Yaakov to go to his uncle Lavan's home in order to avoid the anger and potential retribution of his brother, Esav/Esau. (Esav had threatened to kill Yaakov for taking the birthright and blessing of the firstborn from him, as described in the previous parasha.)

Why 5 Pounds of Flour Trumps Playdoh, Legos and Batman

A blog post by DJ Schneider Jensen, Director of Early Childhood Education

I saw this video on Monday and had two simultaneous thoughts:

1.  Oy. and

2.  What a great representation of hands on learning!

Now, I’m not suggesting that we all bring in 5 pound bags of flour and encourage  our young children to redecorate the living room, however, think about everything this experience taught these little guys. ages 1 and 3.

·       Bringing the new bag of flour into the living room (Gross motor, negotiation skills and cooperation)

A Journey of 1,000 miles...

A blog post by Dana Cohn, Administrative Assistant.

cohn.jpgThis past Sunday, I accomplished a goal that most people never think of setting for themselves. I ran a full marathon. For a while, I have wanted to push myself to accomplish this unforeseeable obstacle of running/walking 26.2 miles. I finally decided that it was time prove to myself that I could do it. Being a novice runner and self-admittedly out of shape, my goal was to finish. I didn’t care how long it took me, I just wanted to make it across the finish line alive. After five months of strenuous training, I accomplished my goal and have learned more about myself than I ever thought I would through this process.


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