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A Kosher Thanksgiving?

A blog post by Rachel Turniansky, Coordinator of Special Education Services and Principal of Gesher LaTorah.

turniansky.jpgThink about the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving many people automatically conjure up images of turkey and cranberries, football and parades, Pilgrims and Native Americans. But is celebrating Thanksgiving a Jewish practice?

Some people feel that it’s an American tradition and wouldn’t think of missing a chance to get together with friends and family for the time-honored tradition – not to mention the pumpkin pie.

Something for Everyone

A blog post by Leora Pushett, Director of Educational Resources.

Give and Thank

A blog post by Ruthy Wolman, Day School Liason.

Wolman_0.jpgWhen one mentions the month of November to me I associate it with the 18th of November because it's my birthday.

However, to most Americans the month of November is associated with the holiday of Thanksgiving; a month seen in a haze of autumn colored leaves, turkeys, pilgrims, family gatherings, football and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

A Matter of Life and Death...and Life!

A blog post by Larry Ziffer,  Executive Vice President

STAFF%20-%20Lawrence%20Ziffer.jpgThere is a tradition that the name of the weekly parasha identifies the theme of that parasha. Now, most people think of the parasha name simply as being one or two words from the first verses in the weekly portion, but this tradition encourages us to determine how that word or combination of words reflect the overarching theme and lesson that can be learned from the parasha as a whole.

Lovely Lunch

A blog post by Eti Froimovich, Shinshinim Coordinator.

froimovich.jpgWe had our first host family lunch at the house of the Cohen family. It all started on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. 

The families slowly arrived as I set up the food and we welcomed everyone to our first host family get together for this year. Everyone was so excited to meet the new shinshinim Roi Dor and Shani Yamin and share a little information of what they knew about them.

The purpose of the lunch was to have everyone know who is hosting the Shinshinim and when they are hosting them and exchange tips on the best way you can involve a young Israeli into your family.

How to Remember


A blog post by Rebecca Levitan, Librarian and Social Media Coordinator.

Alacritous Judaism

A blog post by Larry Ziffer, Executive Vice President.  

STAFF%20-%20Lawrence%20Ziffer.jpgAlacrity: promptness in response; cheerful readiness, as in "accepted the invitation with alacrity"

Alacritous adjective

There is an interesting contrast in this week's parasha, Vayeira, between two very different human responses. The difference points to an essential element of Judaism that deserves more attention.

Giving Thanks

A blog post by Martha Goodman, Coordinator of MD SNAP.

goodman.jpgRecently radio listeners were asked to call in to talk about what they are grateful for.  It got me thinking— My children all are in wonderful Jewish schools, here and in Jerusalem.  My husband washed the dinner dishes.  My daughter’s occupational therapist is insightful and receptive.  Then I realized that there is a leap from feeling gratitude, to showing gratitude.   

Sunday Blues

A blog post by Lara Nicolson, Family Engagement Program Associate.

nicolson.jpgWorking in the Jewish communal world for the last 1/2 year has taught me what a precious commodity Sundays are. All the Hebrew and day schools, community organizations and synagogues vie for the precious Sunday hours to hold meetings and host programs all the while competing with extra-curricular activities, birthday parties and the sacred Ravens games. We have definitely seen crowds dwindle when the purple jerseys are out.

Last year, I used to rush off to my favorite spinning or step classes at the JCC and then veg at home. But now I

What it Really Means to Live in Ashkelon

A blog post by Ariela Lerman, Israel Education Coordinator. 

Lerman.jpgThis past week ten educators from nine schools in Baltimore spent time in Ashkelon working with their partner schools.  Every year Gesher Chai provides a teacher exchange so that educators can learn from each other and build exciting new programs.  We have an excellent group of teachers and administrators involved in the project this year.


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