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Being Normal


A blog post by Suri Lager, Associate Executive Assistant.

Lager.jpgI must confess that when confronted with writing a post for this blog, it took some time to figure out where to start. Other contributors have written about the recent holidays, education, Torah, and of course, the recent homecoming of Gilad Shalit.

Get Off the Ark!

A blog post by Larry Ziffer, Executive Vice President.  


Women in Our Workplace

A blog post by Rebecca Levitan, Librarian and Social Media Coordinator.

You Gotta Have "Heart"

A blog post by Larry Ziffer, Executive Vice President.


This has been a season chock full of beginnings and endings.

Growing the Baltimore Jewish Community

A blog post by Lara Nicolson, Family Engagement Program Associate.

nicolson.jpgIf you think about it, we are all members of multiple communities- our neighborhoods, places of work, synagogues, community centers, kids’ schools, book clubs or sports club etc. These are the organizations, outside of our families where we build relationships and share experiences that last us a lifetime. We enter into these communities because people are naturally co-operative rather than competitive and see that working together can bring a greater good.

Tears of Joy

A blog post by Ruthy Wolman, Day School Liason.

Feed Your Soul

A blog post by Yael Zelinger,  Professional Development Associate.

zelinger.jpgI just had an hour long meeting with a Rabbi and chef about food and I’m STARVING! Sitting around the table in Faith’s picturesque kitchen that overlooks her fabulous flower and herb garden, we discussed the Jewish Educators’ Retreat, chatting about the many uniquely JEWISH aspects of food!

As Sweet as Honey

A blog post by DJ Schneider Jensen, Director of Early Childhood Education.

jensen.jpgOne of the first lessons I learned early in my career was seek to understand rather than judge.  See,  I’m been told I’m hyperactive, impulsive, exuberant and curious,  and, frankly,  I love to nap.  Not good traits for a surgeon, by the ideal qualifications for an early childhood specialist!

This year I am teaching K-1 students in religious school.  Their curiosity and imaginations overwhelm me sometimes, but I always leave school with a smile that stays with me for the rest of the day. 

Israel on My Mind

A blog post by Ariela Lerman, Israel Education Coordinator.


This week as we prepare for Yom Kippur I tend to think a lot about home.   It is said that a house is the place where you live but home is the place where they accept you no matter what you have done.   My home is really in two places. 


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