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Know Your ABC's

A blog post by Amian Frost Kelemer, Associate Executive Vice President.

Education in Bloom

A blog post by Rachel Turniansky, Special Education Coordinator and Principal of Gesher LaTorah.

turniansky.jpgHow often do you think about thinking? For many teachers, that’s half the challenge of educating their students. Our challenge is not just to teach them, but teach them to think. Bloom’s Taxonomy is one way to help teachers think about thinking. Bloom’s taxonomy is a well-known way of helping teachers do just that. 

People of the Book Club

A blog post by Leora Pushett, Director of Educational Resources.


Tasty Beginnings

A blog post by Eti Froimovitch, Shinshinim Coordinator.


Our new shinshinim Roi Dor and Shani Yamin are off to the schools. They have started their program 

What's New This Year?

A blog post by Autumn Sadovnik, Director of Professional Development.


New Year, New Faces

 A blog post by Roi Dor and Shani Yamin, 2011-2012 Shinshinim


We are so excited to be spending our year in Baltimore!  After surviving an earthquake and hurricane we think we are more than prepared to handle the year ahead!ShalomBBQ%20069.jpg

Embracing a New Year

A blog post by Ruthy Wolman, Day School Liason.


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