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Heading Back to School

A blog post by Amian Frost Kelemer, Associate Executive Vice President.

Shalom Shalom!

A blog post by Ariela Lerman, Israel Education Coordinator.
The past month of August has been an exciting one.  In mid-August our new Shinshinim (post high school young adults who do a year of service before the army) arrived in Baltimore.  Roi Dor and Shani Yamin will take over from Dor Trainic and Ronit Pinsky, all of whom come from our sister city, Ashkelon. 

Be a Book Snoop

A blog post by Rebecca Levitan, Librarian and Social Media Coordinator.


Recently, in a blog post for the Jewish Book Council, Wayne Hoffman discussed how it’s possible to learn a lot about a person based on the books they keep.

Back to School for ALL Students

blog post by Rachel Turniansky, Coordinator of Special Education Services and Principal of Gesher LaTorah.

turniansky.jpgEvery member of the Jewish people is obligated to study Torah – regardless of whether one is rich or poor, physically able or with physical disability, according to Rambam. (Maimonides,


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