Guy Groisman lives in a small town on the Carmel Mountain, Nesher, with his parents and older brother. His majors in high school are Cinematography and Physics. Guy has been a member of the Israeli Scouts since age 10 and has been a counselor for 5th and 6th graders. This year he serves as the head of a team at the Scouts and is counseling Middle Schoolers. For the past two years, Guy has been volunteering as an EMT and a counselor in MDA, Israel’s National Emergency Medical Organization. Approximately twice a week he is joining a team of medical professionals on ambulances to go and save lives. Guy loves mentalism and performs an entertainment show of reading minds, influencing thoughts, and performing amazing mental feats which takes the audience through a journey into the wonders of the human brain. Ever since he was young, Guy has been playing the piano and the guitar. In his free time, he likes to photograph wildlife, friends, and everything in between.Guy is excited and looking forward to meeting the community in Baltimore and bringing his vision of Israel to the community.