Live and Learn
לחיות וללמוד

We’re excited to announce the launch of three new organizations – the Macks Center for Jewish Connections, Jewish Educational Services and the Jewish Library of Baltimore – all dedicated to expanding and enhancing our Jewish education and engagement.
The Macks Center for Jewish Connections will support Jewish journeys for Baltimoreans through Jewish living, learning and service. It will combine the work of Jewish Volunteer Connection with the family engagement agenda of the Macks Center for Jewish Education to establish a new organization dedicated to creating new partnerships, initiatives and resources to grow the number of Baltimoreans participating in Jewish life.
Jewish Educational Services will bring together the services provided by The Associated’s Macks Center for Jewish Education and SHEMESH to establish a new organization that supports Jewish day schools, congregational schools, Jewish preschools, along with educators and families. The new organization will preserve our culture of Jewish educational excellence in Baltimore, inspire children to pursue a lifetime of Jewish learning and create positive educational experiences so all Jewish children will reach their full potential.

The Jewish Library of Baltimore will connect community members to educational resources that will support them in their Jewish journeys. This new organization expands upon the library previously housed at the Macks Center for Jewish Education with a collection of over 16,000 multimedia, books, Judaica and curricular materials for educators and the general community.

We promote and facilitate lifelong learning that nurtures Jewish identity and strengthens Jewish community.