We are committed to improving the work of local Jewish educators and communal professionals, making it easier for them to be successful in the workplace.

We offer workshops, seminars and other resources to:

  • Improve Jewish competencies and knowledge
  • Promote collaboration and networking
  • Offer creative and non-traditional approaches to Jewish education
  • Develop new ideas for reaching, inspiring and engaging families to grow in their Judaism
  • Facilitate career advancement

Our professional development opportunities bring together educators working in Jewish early childhood education programs, congregational schools and day schools to enhance their abilities in teaching about Israel, Jewish values, Torah and other Jewish and general education subjects.

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Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education lays the foundation for the rest of a child’s life. This critical learning time period is ripe with opportunity! We provide support to educators in order to help them maximize their impact.

Day Schools

We offer opportunities for school professionals and educators to learn best practices that support student success. Our programs include engaging workshops, leadership and curriculum cohorts, technology networks and more.

Congregational Schools

Congregational Schools in Baltimore are an evolving and creative space for a range of educational experiences.