Mission Statement

The Macks Center for Jewish Education’s Library and Resource Center seeks to connect people in the community to Jewish resources that support them in their Jewish educational journey. The Library and Resource Center maintains a diverse collection catering to children and adults, including educators. The collection of this lending library includes: books, DVDs, CDs, Judaica, posters and curricular materials.

CJE Library

Our hours are:
Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 11:00am-3:00pm
Friday: 11:00am-2:00pm.
Make an appointment or just drop in and say hi!

To contact Jessica Fink, CJE librarian, email jessicafink@cjebaltimore.org or call

The CJE Library does not accept book donations. Thank you.

An affiliate of the Association of Jewish Libraries

Our library has been selected as one of the  Association of Jewish Libraries Donna and Richard Harris Jewish Libraries, Archives, and Collections Around the World! 

From ALJ: “There are hundreds of magnificent Jewish libraries,  collections, and archives that can be found in colleges, universities, day schools, community centers, and synagogues.  They contain rare books, unique book collections, ephemera, beautiful art, and much more. However, until now there has been no central location where an interested person can learn about the breadth, beauty, and history of these institutions.“

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CJE Library Resources

Ebook Collection

The books that were included in our Ebooks collection fall into at least one of these four categories:

Newest critically-acclaimed Jewish children’s books (ex. Sydney Taylor Awards)
Books from the local Jewish Day Schools’ summer reading lists
Jewish Biographies
Jewish Historical Fiction

Many of the picture books in our eBook Collection were chosen specifically because they have a higher content level that focuses on a non-fiction topic in a user-friendly way. They are meant to be read in one or two days so that the children can read through them quickly, but still learn valuable lessons from our Jewish history.

Curbside checkout

Our library catalog is open 24 hours and at any time you can log in and request a book to be held for you. Once the book is pulled from the shelf, you will be notified that it is ready for pickup. The turnaround will be within seven days of each request. When you come to pick up your book(s), you can call the CJE front desk at (410) 735-5000 to set up a time for pickup and/or drop-off. The days and hours that we will be scheduling and offering curbside checkout are Monday and Wednesday 11-4 and Friday from 11-2. Check out our catalog here.

If you don’t have a username and password or aren’t sure what your username and password are, please email our librarian, Jessica Fink, and she can help set you up.

Library Class
A CJE librarian will virtually visit classrooms that do not have a librarian working with them already. The librarian will bring stories, research materials, and books for the children to access. The program is designed to help students access appropriate books (level and content), as well as help reinforce a community of readers.


A librarian will visit preschool classrooms and read stories related to their learning, interest and/or holiday.

Summer Reading Program

Students from preschool through high school read CJE books over the summer for a prize incentive.

Library Mentoring
Each mentoring relationship is unique and is set up on an individual basis to match the needs of the mentee. (i.e. How to set up and organize, what resources to include, how to circulate materials, and how to advocate for the library program)

Library Cohorts

Groups of educators connected to school libraries (i.e. Librarians, Learning specialists and Reading specialists) sharing methods, approaches, resources, curricula, programs, ideas and even their struggles.

Catalog training

One-on-one or in small groups, you’ll learn how to use our library catalog. By using our catalog, you can have instant access to incredible ebooks; reserve physical books for checkout; create a reading list on specific topics; or just browse the catalog for something you would enjoy reading or learning about.

Professional Development

Offering teachers resources and curriculum on different topics. Topics are constantly evolving and can be created in partnership. Some of our previous session topics were based on these subjects: Understanding Grief; Immigration to Israel; Incorporating Parsha into the general curriculum; Teaching Students to Be Upstanders; Holocaust Curriculum and resources.


Lists of children’s books dealing with different areas of focus, some being sensitive (i.e. Dementia, cancer, divorce, moving, death, anxiety)

Book Clubs

We have one copy of each of the books on the 2020 list for the following book clubs:

Moses Montefiore Anshe Emunah Congregation Book Club
Beth Tfiloh Congregation Mercaz Book Club
Krieger Schechter Day School Book Club

If you, your child or your students are part of a book club or are interested in being a part of a book club please connect with our librarian, Jessica Fink.

Library Book Bundle

Are you looking for children’s books, but don’t know where to start? Let the librarians surprise your child and you with a wonderful selection of books. Each bundle will consist of three books based on your child’s school’s summer reading list and age. You may request bundles byclicking here. 

Policies and Procedures

I. The collection includes adult, children’s materials and curricular materials in these categories:

  • Non-fiction (includes, but is not limited to)
    • Jewish Reference books
    • Religion, theology, Torah
    • Life cycle, holiday, Jewish calendar
    • Art, music, cooking, crafts
    • History, Holocaust, Anti-Semitism
    • Jewish communities in America and abroad
    • Social and family issues
    • Israel
    • Biography
    • Hebrew
  • Fiction
    • Jewish themes
    • Jewish Book Clubs
    • Award winning books
    • Books recommended by local Jewish schools and professionals
    • Hebrew
  • DVDs and Videos: Jewish characters, subjects or themes
  • Items of Judaica

II. The population we serve

The CJE Library is designed to meet the needs of the Jewish community of Greater Baltimore – children, teen and adult, including educators – representing all branches of Judaism. Users outside of the Jewish community are welcome to use all of the services of the library.

III. The scope of the collection

The collection will focus on materials of Jewish content in both English and Hebrew (as available) that support the educational and recreational needs of the community. We provide curricular support to local programs, e.g. Book clubs, summer reading lists. All selections must be consistent with the library mission and collection policy.

IV. The selection criteria

Materials are chosen for the collection based upon reviews by Association of Jewish Libraries, reviews in other journals and newspapers, e.g. Hadassah, library list-serv recommendations, PJ Library/Our Way and individual recommendations.

Selection Criteria:

  • Items that meet the needs of the Jewish community
  • Items of Jewish content and relevancy
  • Items useful to the primary users of the library
  • Items presenting a variety of points of view
  • Items of lasting literary, social or historical value
  • Fiction of Jewish content or relevancy
  • Works on Jewish movements
  • Works on local Jewish history or community

Once a year the collection will be evaluated and inventoried with an eye to fill in any gaps in any areas and to determine that materials still meet the needs of the community.
The library may not purchase materials that are more appropriately held by other institutions. Financial and space limitations will be considered in selection.

V. The deselection process

In conjunction with the inventory, materials will be removed from the collection in order to conserve space and to make room for new materials.

Deselection criteria:

  • Material inconsistent with the mission statement and collection policy
  • Unneeded duplicates
  • Obsolete books
  • Superseded editions
  • Materials that are worn out, damaged or too expensive to repair

VI. The process of dealing with users’ issues and concerns

The CJE Library supports the concept of intellectual freedom, i.e., the right of each individual to seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction. It is the opposite of censorship. This right is guaranteed in the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution.

When questions, complaints or challenges about individual items in the collection arise, the complainant will be listened to with respect and will then be informed of the library’s policy on intellectual freedom. The complainant will be asked to present his/her objections in writing.

A committee including the librarian, CJE staff, representatives of the CJE board will evaluate the written complaint and reach a consensus on how to respond, which will be communicated in writing within 4 weeks of receipt of the complaint. The complainant has the opportunity to speak to the committee. Items objected to will not be removed from the shelves until a decision is made by the committee. All written complaints will be kept on file.

Library Events

Local Author Series

CJE brings in Baltimore’s finest local Jewish authors to learn more about the books they wrote and the stories behind them. Books being presented and discussed by the authors will be available for check-out in the library.