PJ Library

We are proud to facilitate PJ Library in Baltimore! PJ Library mails the gift of award-winning books that celebrate Jewish values and culture to families with children birth through 9 years old. When you subscribe, you join thousands of families across Baltimore and throughout the world who receive PJ Library books. Each child in your family will get the gift a new book every month delivered to your home.

We know that something magical happens when parents sit down together to read with their children. PJ Library shares Jewish stories that can help your family talk together about values and traditions that are important to you.

PJ Our Way

Looking for books for an older child?  Kids ages 8½-13 can join PJ Our Way™ to choose their own free chapter books!

PJ Our WayTM is the next chapter in the PJ Library family, available for kids ages 8½-13 years old.  Every month, kids visit pjourway.org to choose a book from a selection of four high-quality titles that have been reviewed by a panel of PJ educators, parents, and kids. That’s 12 free books a year! To make the choice easier, every title offered comes with a synopsis and author bios, ratings and reviews, and video trailers. Kids can also take polls and quizzes, participate in monthly interviews and challenges, and comment on blog posts, all on a safe website moderated by PJ Our Way educators.

Your child can also apply to be a part of the Local and National Design Teams. Local Design Team members meet monthly to develop leadership skills and plan activities for all PJ Our Way kids.  National Design Team members have early access to PJ Our Way books and help create content for the website.

If you have a child with special learning needs (even if they are older than 13 years old) who may benefit from the PJ Our Way material offered, please let us know, and a community program professional will contact you. We welcome your child’s enrollment in any age group you deem appropriate.

To register, visit www.pjourway.org

PJ Library and PJ Our Way welcomes all Jewish families, whatever your background, knowledge, or family make-up, or observance may be.

For more information, contact Gabrielle Burger at gburger@cjebaltimore.org.



PJ Library is generously supported by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore and generous contributions from:

Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation | Zimmerman Fund for Children | Goldsmith Foundation