We offer opportunities for school professionals and educators to learn best practices that support student success. Our programs include engaging workshops, leadership and curriculum cohorts, technology networks and more.


Mariposa Child Success Program (MCSP) is a unique and effective program for managing student relationships and reducing disruptive student behavior, including bullying.  Its mission is to help children succeed by accelerating their development of social–emotional competence and social-emotional skills and thereby further their academic achievement and realization of healthy and productive lives as adults.

Mariposa provides coursework for educators and parents as well as in-class consultation, a training center and coaching series all designed to support the social and emotional resilience of children. Funded by the Charles Crane Family Foundation.

Mariposa is launching a private, 4 month long online community starting March 21st. Learn more here.

Contact Julie Tonti jtonti@cjebaltimore.org or 410.735.5003 for more information.

Jewish New Teacher Project (JNTP)

Nationally affiliated mentorship program for educators in local day schools: includes day school principals cohort and local mentorship initiative. If you already participated in a JNTP cohort and want to know what is next for you, contact Julie Tonti, who is coordinating an alumni network for past participants.

New Administrators’ Cohort
New Administrator Training

This is a two-year cohort for new principals in day schools. Principals meet for several days of training and online forums throughout the two years using material developed by the data-driven and renowned New Teacher Center.

The fee for schools to participate is $1500/administrator

Mentorship Cohort
Mentor Training

This two-year cohort provides master teachers with training in the field of mentoring including benchmarks and standards while working with new teachers in their schools.

The fee for schools is $1700/mentor teacher to participate in the program (highly subsidized by CJE) and CJE provides a stipend of $1000 for the mentor. This is an annual fee/stipend and the program lasts for two years.


Both of these programs are funded by the Charles Crane Family Foundation.

For interest in the JNTP program, click here.

Jerusalem EdTech Solutions (JETS)

Jerusalem EdTech Solutions (JETS) Israel is an Educational Technology cohort facilitated by experts in the field, which includes educational applications in Judaic instruction.  Participants in the cohort will learn to integrate educational technology in the classroom to enhance curriculum following an in-person evaluation of the educational technology being used at the school. Additional coaching sessions with facilitators will occur over the year to assist with implementation.

We identified a need for more educational technology in both parts of the curriculum- Judaic and general. This program provides a hybrid in – person and online program for educators and schools ready to take the next step in using technology as a tool.

Professional Development Workshops

Guidance Counselors Community of Practice (CoP)

This CoP meets approximately monthly and covers various topics of interest to the professionals. It is a robust network and participants share ideas and resources. JCS provides CEUs for participation.


Innovation Circle for Online Judaics Tools

This program will be piloted this coming year. Sefaria is a well-used online classical Jewish texts resource – but did you know it can do even more than it appears? Teachers will receive a certificate for being a Sefaria trained educator.


Israel Educators Community of Practice (CoP)

We believe that at the heart of engaging and meaningful Israel Education, are Israel Educators who are deeply knowledgeable, specifically skilled, and nuanced in their approach.  To that end we convene Israel educators several times a year to discuss complexity and struggle in teaching Israel while reinforcing the foundation of love and emotional attachment to it.  We also connect educators to a variety of Israel education professional development opportunities.


Special Education Conference

YACHAD partners with various communities around the country by building a local conference around an outstanding special education professional. The Baltimore conference is a collaborative effort of CJE, Shemesh and YACHAD.

Funding for professional development opportunities

Israel Education MOMentum Cohort

Eight Baltimore day school Judaic Studies educators will participate with a cohort of 46 educators from around the world who are also moms with children under the age of 18. Together they will explore educational themes culminating in a 10 day Israel experience in July 2020. The pre and post trip programming will be facilitated by Prizmah together with JEIC and the Israel trip will be facilitated by MOMentum. This highly subsidized program year and trip will cost educators approximately $1,000.