Shevet Achim is an innovative school twinning model funded by The Baltimore Ashkelon Partnership of the Associated and supported by the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI).  Shevet Achim cultivates direct relationships between 5 schools in Baltimore and 5 schools in Ashkelon. Educators collaboratively envision and implement engaging and creative educational experiences to foster meaningful relationships between learning communities in both cities.  Students and teachers establish personal connections with each other, learn more about each other’s interests and communities  through synchronous and asynchronous mifgashim (meetings), ongoing communication through a shared platform for paired digital classrooms, a library of resources and teaching tools, professional training and creation and celebration of  culmination projects.

Participating schools:

  • Baltimore Hebrew Congregation and Nof Yam Bet School
  • Beth El Congregational School and Arlozorov School
  • Bolton Street Synagogue and Mekif Hey School
  • Krieger Schechter Day School and Omanuyot School
  • Ohr Chadash Academy and Madaim School


Baltimore Ashkelon Partnerships Shevet Achim participants singing our eponymous song, Shevet Achim v’Achayot.