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A blog post by Dana Cohn, Administrative Assistant.

cohn.jpgLast Hanukkah I experienced my own Hanukkah miracle. After spending a year in Israel followed by six months of job hunting, I was slowly losing hope of finding a job. There are only so many cover letters to write and interviews to go on before feeling like your future revolves around babysitting. Who knew I would spend four years (and thousands of dollars) in college to end up without a job?

Educate to Advocate

A blog post by Ariela Lerman, Israel Education Coordinator. 

Lerman.jpgIt is almost 2012 and that means that it is also almost time for the Republican primary.  I am not big in to politics and I would not consider myself a Republican but I do watch the debates and what is said about the candidates on the news.  What I find most interesting about political debates and running for president is that no matter what else is going on in the U.S. there is always something about Israel.  All of the candidates want to make sure that their policies are clear and that the public knows where they stand on Israel. 

Questions to Ponder

A blog post by Ruthy Wolman, Day School Liaison.

Wolman_0.jpgOn December 4th, early Sunday morning, in the quiet of the Beth Israel Congregation’s parking lot, fifty Jewish Educators, four of my colleagues and I  boarded a bus and traveled to the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia. One hundred educators in total (fifty teachers departed from Baltimore Hebrew Congregation) dedicated a day to visiting their history.

Education with the Educators

A blog post by Autumn Sadovnik, Director of Professional Development. 

STAFF%20-%20Autumn%20Sadovnik.jpgCongregational educators (Hebrew School Teachers, to the layman) are not in the business for the money or the glory. They do it for the love of Jewish education. Some are career professionals in education during the rest of the week. Others are accountants, attorneys, artists, dentists, or stay-at-home moms. They take time out of their busy lives to contribute to their communities and engage young Jews.

Being Kids

A blog post by DJ Schneider Jensen, Director of Early Childhood Education

jensen.jpgI love when articles like this one come across my desk.  In the never ending battle for allowing children to be children, we hear stories daily about someone's three year old who just read "War and Peace", only to hear the one-up story of the four year old who reviewed it on his blog.  It's wonderful to read articles and op-eds from real parents who understand that raising children means allowing them to be comfortable in every age and stage of their young little lives.

Why 5 Pounds of Flour Trumps Playdoh, Legos and Batman

A blog post by DJ Schneider Jensen, Director of Early Childhood Education

I saw this video on Monday and had two simultaneous thoughts:

1.  Oy. and

2.  What a great representation of hands on learning!

Now, I’m not suggesting that we all bring in 5 pound bags of flour and encourage  our young children to redecorate the living room, however, think about everything this experience taught these little guys. ages 1 and 3.

·       Bringing the new bag of flour into the living room (Gross motor, negotiation skills and cooperation)

Give and Thank

A blog post by Ruthy Wolman, Day School Liason.

Wolman_0.jpgWhen one mentions the month of November to me I associate it with the 18th of November because it's my birthday.

However, to most Americans the month of November is associated with the holiday of Thanksgiving; a month seen in a haze of autumn colored leaves, turkeys, pilgrims, family gatherings, football and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Women in Our Workplace

A blog post by Rebecca Levitan, Librarian and Social Media Coordinator.

As Sweet as Honey

A blog post by DJ Schneider Jensen, Director of Early Childhood Education.

jensen.jpgOne of the first lessons I learned early in my career was seek to understand rather than judge.  See,  I’m been told I’m hyperactive, impulsive, exuberant and curious,  and, frankly,  I love to nap.  Not good traits for a surgeon, by the ideal qualifications for an early childhood specialist!

This year I am teaching K-1 students in religious school.  Their curiosity and imaginations overwhelm me sometimes, but I always leave school with a smile that stays with me for the rest of the day. 

Israel on My Mind

A blog post by Ariela Lerman, Israel Education Coordinator.


This week as we prepare for Yom Kippur I tend to think a lot about home.   It is said that a house is the place where you live but home is the place where they accept you no matter what you have done.   My home is really in two places. 


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